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Dr. Karin Redlich, Christian Seufert

US visa examinations (medicals)

General Information

Anyone seeking to immigrate to the USA from Germany or another country or requiring a special visa must undertake the following steps:

  1. You submit an application to the US consulate. If the requirements are met, you will receive a so-called ‚case number‘.
  2. Use this case number to contact an authorised ‚panel physician‘ for the necessary medical examination.
  3. During the examination you will also receive any necessary vaccinations from us. Please take note of the CDC’s vaccination guidelines.
  4. Your interview at the US consulate usually takes place after the examination report has been finalised.

Our GP practice is one of four practices in Germany authorised by the US Consulate as a panel physician.

Detailed information

Please read the information in the information folder provided above carefully. You will find a checklist for preparation in this folder. Please also complete the data sheet. Please bring all the necessary documents with you to your appointment.


The cost rates are agreed with the US Consulate. Our services as a panel physician are generally to be paid for by the patient. Please refer to the information folder for the exact costs.

Please note

We offer immigration examinations independent of your place of residence. This means that you can book an available appointment with us even if you live closer to one of the other panel physicians.